Visual FX & Animation course

Visual Effects is magic. Learn how to use the visual illusionist’s bag of tricks to cast a spell on your audience. From day one, pick up industry-standard tools and start making the impossible real. Collaborate on a stunning variety of projects with like minded filmmakers, and walk away with a bulging portfolio of original work that is both technically impressive and personal to you.


Pop quiz: what is “visual effects”? Is it green screen and matte painting or live effects on set? Is it miniatures and models or CGI? Stop-motion or computer animation? Prosthetics or digital make up? Is it created with a mouse and keyboard, pen and paper, or fire and chemicals? 

If you answered: YES, all of the above - then we agree. 

Key Facts

Start date: September 16, 2019

After your year with us you’ll be able to navigate any visual effects solution to wow the audience, from full CG to practical in-camera special effects and everything in-between. More importantly, you’ll find out which approach best suits your style, so you can best judge the unique needs of any incoming project.



dBs Berlin is a creative campus like no other. Here you'll be required to work on projects together with the other filmmakers, musicians, actors and artists enrolled in our other courses. You'll build a strong cross-disciplinary network of creative peers to take with you into the industry, all from our beautiful riverside Funkhaus campus in Europe's most exciting creative capital.


Here you’ll find every shooting location from forests to urban sprawl, stylish art deco to sleek modern interiors. Or if you need arctic slopes or outer space, you can use our brand new green screen studio.


Learn by doing. Learn by playing, by experimenting, by trying and failing and trying again. Learn through projects, through discussion and reflection, through passionate argument and compassionate inquiry. Learn outside your comfort zone and inside our creative home.

Our team of industry-professional tutors will guide you with our structured, project-based approach. You'll be on a hands-on journey from millenia-old fundamentals to today's latest software. And you'll come out with a widely varied portfolio that is not only impressive on a technical level, but makes a personal statement about you as a creative artist.

We are here to give you the skills and the knowledge of the tools and you will be the one to know how and when to use them.


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Some topics and skills you'll cover include:

  • Green screen and image compositing

  • 3D modeling and animation

  • Matte painting

  • Rotoscoping, camera tracking and removing unwanted elements from an image

  • Stop-motion

  • Miniatures and forced perspective

  • Practical effects - blood, fire, impacts, etc

  • VFX make up and prosthetics

  • Projection mapping and visual installations

  • Procedural rendering and generative design

  • Interactive design

  • Lighting, camera and on-set supervising

  • Post-production and colour grading

  • Physics, light and the science of visuals

  • Fundamentals of fine art including sculpture, drawing and anatomy

  • Training your eye

  • The visual effects pipeline

  • Collaboration, giving and receiving critical feedback, and introspection

It’s a packed course - and you’ll be expected to work hard and bring everything you’ve got to the table. But the art of visual illusion is more than tricks. It’s storytelling, the oldest art form there is. From gritty sci-fi to outlandish cartoons to interactive internet media, you’ll be able to put these skills to use in almost any genre, project or industry.


We are not interested in growing more computer slaves for the industry, but visionary individuals able to embrace the future of tools and digital worlds. Visual Effects Artists are called that for a reason. We're here to reveal the art of visual illusion in all its forms, so you can discover and feed your own artistic vision. The media landscape is changing on a daily basis. Take your place in the vanguard of that revolution. Don't just show the world what you've got. Show them the future.


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