What is the dBs Method?
It’s about being creative, it’s about getting hands on gear, it’s about meeting and working with other new filmmakers from around the world and it’s (still!) about being in Berlin!

Running through the heart of all our programmes is the fostering of creative practitioners. That means helping you develop your creative passions while positioning your professional trajectory. Alongside developing you as a business entrepreneur, we go further to develop your whole person allowing you to closely reflect, set goals, meet challenges and build resilience. You will learn to develop individual as well as collaborative strategies and be exposed to a wide variety of industry expertise and ideas to define your professional aspirations.


Passion in progress 
As educators, we believe it is our job to ignite passion and help keep it burning. Passion is the fire that heats creative juices to boiling point. Passion overcomes fear - the fear of failing, the fear of being different, the fear of falling behind our peers, the fear of jumping too far ahead of our peers, the fear of being ridiculed. Losing that fear is paramount if we are to push our creative boundaries as far as they’ll go and envision futures not yet here.


Education and training are undergoing a revolution. Much of this is a result of the enabling power of the internet. Our ‘online everywhere’ culture gives us unprecedented access to extraordinary levels of freely available information. As this continues to evolve, we believe in focussing on:

  • Practising your craft

  • Building creative muscle

  • Development of the whole person including those attributes associated with success

  • An ongoing exploration of what success means for different people

  • Assimilating information and synthesising it into new ideas

  • Learning to innovate

  • Filtering information quickly and effectively

  • Learning when and how to take effective action

  • Learning to take risk

  • Learning to listen

  • Learning to communicate


Doing & collaboration
Learning through doing and collaboration are key to the dBs Method. Of course our students also learn the theory which supports their doing. But doing is paramount and we think it is part of our duty to provide them with at least some of the ten thousand hours of practice that Anders Ericsson believes they need to become a real expert.

Collaboration is a part of everyday dBs life. Collaboration with fellow students, with tutors, across the wider online community and collaboration with the film industry experts and organisations with whom we work in partnership.

Play is also a crucial ingredient in a dBs centre. In fact at times it can feel like a technological toy room. In a dBs centre we tend to assume that the wider the smile, the harder the work going on and the deeper the exploration. But as fun as a toy room can be, the technology alone is not enough. The most important ingredient is an environment that constantly encourages and develops creativity. Technology married with creativity is what really makes our hearts sing!


Something to kick against
The educational structures that we put around all of this life enhancing activity are merely containers or frameworks. When creative activity becomes too open ended it can rapidly transform into inaction or stasis, lost in a world of infinite choice. As creative individuals we need structure, a challenge to work within, a map of a journey, a resistance to help shape our ideas – or often just something to kick against!

When all is said and done and the latest technological toys have been put back in their cupboard for the night and the creative embers are just gently glowing, a dBs centre is about people. A creative community. Feeling welcome. Feeling part of something. A nurturing hothouse where people grow themselves and help grow others. A space for people to transform their lives.