Visual Effects

1-Year HE Certificate or 3-Year Bachelors Degree

Make the impossible become real with the creative tools of tomorrow. Learn cutting edge industry practices from on-set visual effects to computer wizardry...then smash the standards and pioneer new ways forward. Immerse yourself in our unique creative laboratory to explore this unmapped frontier through hands-on learning, collaborative projects and real-world challenges. Walk away with a bulging portfolio of wholly original work that is both technically impressive and personal to you.


Our 1-YR HE Certificate course is an intensive year of whirlwind hands on collaborations and a deep end dive into the tools of the trade. You’ll become adept at navigating visual effects solutions for film and media, from practical visual effects to digital compositing and everything in between. More importantly, you’ll find out which approach best suits your style, so you can best judge the unique needs of incoming projects.

Key Facts

Start date: September 16, 2019

Course fees: from €925/month


*Require a student visa? Apply in Jan 2020

You can also stay with us for the full 3-YR Bachelors and find out what it takes to become a true creative artist/entrepreneur. You’ll engage in real-world client briefs, set up your own visual installations and learn critical analysis. Best of all, you’ll take a good hard look at yourself to uncover what unique artistic voice you can bring to the wider industry conversation. And that is the key to finding your audience.

Visual Effects Artists are called that for a reason.



Learn by doing. Learn by playing. Learn by experimenting. Learn by trying and failing and trying again. Learn through projects, through discussion and reflection, through passionate argument and compassionate inquiry. Learn outside your comfort zone while inside our supportive creative community.

Our team of industrypro tutors will guide you with a structured, project-based approach. You'll be on a hands-on journey from millenia-old fundamentals through to today's latest cutting edge software and industry workflows. You'll come out with a rich and varied portfolio that is impressive on a technical level, but more importantly makes a personal statement about you as a human being.

Some of the topics and skills you'll cover include:

  • Green screen and on set VFX supervising

  • Digital compositing and 3D animation

  • Projection mapping and digital art installations

  • Creative coding and programming

  • Miniatures and optic effects

  • Matte painting and image retouching

  • Post production and colour grading

  • Physics, light and the science of visuals

  • Fundamentals of fine art and storytelling

  • Future of tools including artificial intelligence, robotics and other realities

  • Training your eye

  • The visual effects pipeline

  • Filmmaking, camerawork and working on sets

  • Collaboration, giving and receiving critical feedback, and introspection


dBs Berlin is an internationally unique creative campus.. You'll be provided with opportunities to work on projects together with other filmmakers, musicians, actors and artists from more than 50 different countries enrolled in our courses. You'll build a strong cross-disciplinary network of creative peers to take with you into the industry, all from our beautiful riverside Funkhaus campus in Europe's most exciting creative capital.



Help define  the tools of tomorrow’s visual artists. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality, or age-old fundamentals of light, sound and aesthetics? We believe that the creators of tomorrow will be multidisciplinary artists, grounded in the basics of science and art but fluent in cutting-edge software and technology tools. Above all, they will be storytellers, guided by an ethical awareness that will open minds and enrich the lives of others.

With dBs Berlin you’ll become a technological warrior-monk. You’ll dive into extended realities and cross-media digital tools. You’ll push the boundaries and understanding of physics. Your practical, real-world work will be informed by deep philosophical exploration. Ultimately, you’ll reach the tao of narrative and technology, mastering visual art forms in both physical and virtual spaces.

The media landscape is changing on a daily basis, and the world needs mature and thoughtful new practitioners to fill unprecedented roles. Take your place in the vanguard of that revolution.

Don't just show the world what you've become. Show them the future.

We are very happy to have been given the opportunity to completely reimagine and design all of our courses. This allows us to build on our extensive experience, take into account new developments and incorporate new thinking into all of our course design. It also means that the precise detail may go through some change during the validation process with our partner university consequently this course is subject to validation. We’ve been validating courses for 15 years with university partners and our courses have always been successfully validated. We will be adding new information as and when it occurs during this exciting process.



1-year Screen Acting HE Certificate

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