Screen Acting Diploma - 2 years

Refine. Hone the specific skills required to become truly captivating on screen. Research and think critically about the work you want to make. Make the work, then reflect on it. Connect to the industry by finding work placement in an area that really gets you going.



In your first year, you’ve featured in innumerable short films made quick, dirty and (mostly) in control. You’ve been tossed from challenge to challenge, set to set like a hot potato. You’ve got experience - now you’re ready to focus.

If you successfully complete all modules you will have 120 credits, the equivalent of the first two years of a degree. If you wish to study with us further, no problem - you can continue straight into the 3rd and final year of the bachelor's degree.

This year is all about slowing down, expanding and zooming in on your skills. What are your strengths, and how can you maintain them? What are your shortcomings, and how can you train them up? Expand, refine - and start reaching out the door into the world.

Key Facts

Term time: 
September 16, 2019 - May 2021

Course fees: from €925/month


*Require a student visa? Apply in Jan 2020


Though the pace has slowed, the intensity is only turning up. You’re breathing, focusing and reflecting on your learning. You’re analysing yourself, bettering yourself and developing yourself as an artist. You’re getting better - fast.

You’ve tried a little of everything. Now what draws your attention? Where do you feel the pull? Pay attention to that, open it up, examine how it ticks. That’s where you’re spending this year: on the micro level.


But introspection doesn’t mean you aren’t working. On the contrary - last year was just the tip of the iceberg.

Your projects are bigger now, wider in scope and deeper. It’s a challenge you haven’t felt before, because you have to pull apart each individual moment in fascinating detail. Expand your rehearsal times and deepen your performances. You’ve developed positive working relationships with directors over the past year. Now take those partnerships to new places by drilling into story and character.


Don’t feel ready to face the world quite yet? Good. That’s exactly when you should do it.

Create industry relationships by building your online profile and promoting yourself relentlessly. Success in the creative industries really is all about persistence. With us pushing you, you won’t have a choice.

Hit the pavement, knock on doors, pick up the phone. Make yourself available and willing to work. Build your network outside of dBs so that when the doors open, you’re striding out with purpose and confidence in your skills and where you can succeed.


Some of 2018 was spent completely reimagining and redesigning all of our courses. This allowed us to build on our extensive experience, take into account new developments and student needs and incorporate our own new thinking into a brand new range of courses. All of these courses were successfully validated with our partner university in the summer of 2018.


After two years, you’ll have more on-set experience than you even know. You’ll have a showreel bursting at the seams. You’ll have industry contacts, a good idea of your skill-set and how to promote yourself.

But what if you want a smoother transition into the working world? What if you want to deepen your knowledge even further and get more practice while testing the professional waters? It doesn’t have to end here. We offer seamless progression onto the next year of the course.

Take an additional year and earn a...


Screen Acting Bachelor (HONS) Degree

Define. Who are you? Show the world. Now is your time to shine. Develop a major, year-long project that foregrounds you and demos your specific skill-set. Network with professionals and plot out your first year out in the industry.




1-year Screen Acting HE Certificate

Stretch. Give your artistic mind and body a crash course in acting for screen by appearing in as many film projects as humanly possible. An intensive year designed to rapidly increase your experience and elevate your showreel in a very short amount of time.