Screen Acting HE Certificate - 1 year

Stretch. Give your artistic mind and body a crash course in acting for screen by appearing in as many film projects as humanly possible. An intensive year designed to rapidly increase your experience and elevate your showreel in a very short amount of time.


At dBs Film Berlin, we’re all about learning by doing. Leave your history books and written essays behind - and get ready for a year in front of the camera. This is a contemporary acting course made for the increasingly ubiquitous screen.

You’ll bolster your portfolio showreel with performances from dozens of film productions over the course of the year. You’ll collaborate with film and music students to create these productions and help them crew up when you’re not in front of the camera.

If you successfully complete all modules you will have 60 credits, the equivalent of the first year of a degree course. If you wish to study with us further, no problem - you can continue straight into the 2nd year of the degree. We firmly believe a compelling performer is grown through practice….and more practice, so you'll spend this first year doing more acting than you ever thought possible.

Key Facts

Term time: 
September 16, 2019 - May 23 2020

Course fees: from €925/month


*Require a student visa? Apply in Jan 2020


Working in tandem with creatives from the Film Production course, you’ll star in multiple film productions every week, from daily run-and-gun shoots to lengthier, more involved and professional projects. You’ll feature in short films, commercials, music videos, web series and more. Our goal is to get you on camera as much as humanly possible within a year.

When you’re not rehearsing or on set, you’ll join workshops with working professional tutors to train your body and voice. How do you convey emotion? How do you develop a range? How do you collaborate with a director to deliver a brilliant performance? Together, we’ll answer these questions and more.

Combined with regular feedback sessions, roundtable discussions and consultations to drive at your personal voice, your creative muscle is going to get one hell of a workout.

What is a screen, anyway? Is it the 20-meter silver screen? Is it the 20-cm screen on your phone, tablet or even wristwatch? To that we say, “yes.” As a future professional actor in the 21st century, you need to know how to perform at any size and format. What new stories can you tell with new mediums? What new frontiers can you explore as an artist in web and new media? Emerging technology changes the face of entertainment on a daily basis. Let’s get out there and conquer it.


By the end of the year, your diverse showreel will present a performer that is versatile, skilled and worldly. Nowhere else will you get so much experience packed into a single year; and all in Berlin, the city built by the rebels, the scrappers and those unafraid to do it themselves.


Some of 2018 was spent completely reimagining and redesigning all of our courses. This allowed us to build on our extensive experience, take into account new developments and student needs and incorporate our own new thinking into a brand new range of courses. All of these courses were successfully validated with our partner university in the summer of 2018.


After this intensive first year with us, you’ll have everything you need to enter the industry with confidence and a body of work you can be proud of. But you’ve only just started. What if you want to get better? What if you’re hungry for more?

We offer seamless progression onto the next year of the course.

Take an additional year and earn a...


Screen Acting Diploma

Refine. Hone the specific skills required to become truly captivating on screen. Research and think critically about the work you want to make. Make the work, then reflect on it. Connect to the industry by finding work placement in an area that really gets you going.


Take an additional two years and earn a...


Screen Acting Bachelor (HONS) Degree

Define. Who are you? Show the world. Now is your time to shine. Develop a major, year-long project that foregrounds you and demos your specific skill-set. Network with professionals and plot out your first year out in the industry.