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At dBs Berlin, we strongly believe that the classroom is barely the tip of the iceberg; 90% of film education happens practically. That’s why our courses are project-based, and it’s why we created Kollektiv.



Kollektiv is our in-house production wing. We create professional-standard video and audio work, from short films to music videos, web spots, dramatic podcasts and more.

All the work produced is a collaboration between members of the dBs family and the wider industry. For students, it’s a way to get involved in professional-level productions while enrolled with us. For alumni, it’s an opportunity to remain connected to the dBs creative community while building their own careers, and for tutors it’s a chance to engage students in a practical setting while continuing their own personal and professional work.

We also support and encourage co-productions with local and foreign entities. If you are a producer and wish to learn more about what Kollektiv can offer you, please fill out the following contact form.

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