Green Screen Workshop - 5 days

Spend one week learning how to get what you want out of a green screen!
Be in Berlin - Learn in English


You just need a camera, some lights and a green background, right? Yes, it is as simple as that - but without the right technical knowledge your green screen adventure could become a post-production nightmare!

But wait, there’s good news! You don’t need much experience to learn how to avoid technical issues and manage your own set-up.

With a clear overview, some brief, hands-on practice, and feedback from an industry professional, anyone can use this filmmaker’s magic wand to create, mix elements and benefit from infinite creative possibilities - both fantastical and realistic.


Spend 5 days in our film facilities with an expert visual effects supervisor, and trained actors. Experienced cinematographers Oliver Valente and Matthieu Schmidt will talk you through the magic of filmmaking with green screens.

Learn quickly about light and camera settings. Understand the constraints and gain the freedom of creating and composing virtual images with real life material.

Shoot animation, miniatures, special effects, and learn how to bring characters into realistic and imaginary worlds. Green Screens make the impossible possible!


This short course is for film directors, DOPs, film production enthusiast or image creators who would like to:

  • understand the techniques of green screen shooting

  • gain real life experience through hands-on and practical workshop sessions

  • further their knowledge of creative direction in a studio environment

  • advance their understanding of chroma keying and composition

  • build creative freedom with knowledge of visual effects limits and possibilities

  • maximise limited resources and get the keys to their own DIY green screens

Key Facts

Term time: 5 consecutive days

Schedule: Monday - Friday from 10am-6pm

Start date: Postponed TBD

Price: €1200


During the 5-day workshop, you’ll cover the foundational basics of lighting, cameras, actors, props, live effects, camera movement, trackers and post-production.

On the fourth day of the Green Screen workshop, you’ll be sent outdoors for a real-life shoot experience where you’ll explore the different techniques and tools with a green screen kit in a live outdoor environment.

We will be working out of our professional studios on our creative campus here at Berlin’s Funkhaus. After this workshop, you will be able to transfer most of what you learn to other professional studios or to your own at-home green screen setup.


To sign up for our workshops, you need to be at least 18 years old and be motivated!

Our lessons will take you from basics to intermediate levels of skill, so we don't need you to have any specific experience in the field.

This workshop is ideal for people who can't obtain a visa to stay in Germany for a long time. So if you can enter on a tourist visa, you can join our course.


The Funkhaus is an internationally unique, extraordinary and atmospheric location which puts a smile on the face of any creative that walks through the door.

Our brand new green screen studio with infinity walls and online compositing technology is the perfect space to learn and experiment. On top of that you will find a large variety of locations to shoot unique sequences, in and around the Funkhaus creative campus.

This year our students came from more than 55 different countries. As an organisation we celebrate that incredible level of diversity. If we had an organisational face it would have a big smile stretched across it.

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