Film Production Summer School - 4 weeks

Be in Berlin - Learn in English! Spend a summer diving into the world of contemporary film production at dBs Berlin’s International Creative Campus at the Funkhaus.


Our groundbreaking, project-based summer school takes you on a four-week whirlwind journey through filmmaking by having you do just that - make films, day in and day out. It’s a hands-on, workshop-centred approach to building up your filmmaking, image post-production and creative collaboration skills.

Key Facts

Term time: 4 weeks

Start date: June - Aug 2020


Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to spend four sun filled weeks getting my feet wet, hands dirty and creative muscles toned by making and starring in short films in one of Europe’s creative capitals?

  • Do I want to meet and collaborate with other ambitious creatives like myself?

  • Do I have no experience and want to dive in the deep end to learn what making and performing in films is like?

  • Do I want to join the Film Production or Visual Effects certificate, diploma or degree courses in September but need a bit of extra work under my belt to qualify?

  • Am I already planning on attending a dBs Berlin course in September, but can’t wait to start?

  • Do I want to have a blast?

If you answered “yes” to any one of those questions, then YES, this course is for you!


This year our students came from more than 55 different countries. As an organisation we celebrate that incredible level of diversity. If we had an organisational face it would have a big smile stretched across it.

It’s a total privilege to be able to bring this diverse community together in the inspirational space of our Funkhaus campus in the world class creative metropolis of Berlin.



To sign up for our summer course, you need to be at least 18 years old and be motivated! Your lessons will take you from basics to intermediate levels of skill, so we don't need you to have any experience in the field.

This 4-week programme is ideal for people can't obtain a visa to stay in Germany for a long time. So if you can enter on a tourist visa, you can join our course.


Spend 4 weeks of your summer developing the practical tools, skills and essential techniques required to write, shoot, star in, edit and screen your own films by collaborating with other creatives under the guidance of industry professionals.

  • Jump into the creative seat and start making films

  • Write, shoot, direct, edit, record - you’ll do a little of everything

  • Develop foundational skills in film production

  • Learn how to shoot indoors and outdoors under professional conditions

  • Learn the art of green screen shooting and finalise images in post-production with hands-on projects

  • Discuss, critique and analyse your work and the work of others - then try again, do better

  • Screen your final works in a local Berlin cinema, invite the public and compete for the Audience Choice Award

  • Work under the wings of creative industry professionals who will help you hone your craft

  • Produce your work in the beautiful, historic and vibrant Funkhaus facility

  • Connect and collaborate with like minded creatives

  • Get a taste for the groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind educational philosophy and dynamic creative atmosphere at dBs Berlin


This summer school is designed for two types of students and hence two progression routes.

The first type of student is looking for a productive way to spend their summer developing their film production skills to help support their own projects and meet like minded people. For this type of participant the likely progression is back onto their own project or perhaps coming back to dBs to take one of our standalone short courses.

The second type of student is wishing to progress onto one of our longer courses i.e. the HE Certificate, the HE Diploma or the BA Hons Bachelor degree and they require some experience to help prepare them for the longer course.



1-year Film Production Certificate

Learn by doing. And doing. And doing. This isn’t your grandpa’s film school; from day zero your boots hit the ground, the camera’s in your hands, and you’re writing, shooting, cutting, and discussing your work - then doing it all over again.

1-year Screen Acting Certificate

Stretch. Give your artistic mind and body a crash course in acting for screen by appearing in as many film projects as humanly possible. An intensive year designed to rapidly increase your experience and elevate your showreel in a very short amount of time.