Film Production Diploma - 2 years

Specialise. In the first year you will have nearly 20 films under your belt - in the second year focus on your area of interest and dive deeper. Collaborate on bigger, more challenging projects. Build up your unique skill set from a granular level. Show the world what you’ve got.


Our 2-year Film Production Diploma course offers everything from the Certificate - extended and expanded upon in the second year. If year one goes wide, covering all aspects of making a film in every department, then year two goes deep. 

By now you’ve played a hand in making nearly two dozen films. You’ve assembled a cohort of likeminded peers. You’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses. And you know what area of the vast filmmaking palette appeals to you. 

It’s time to sharpen your edge.

Key Facts

Term time: September 17, 2018 - June 2020

Course fees: from €875/month

Deadline: Round 1 before April 30 2018

Everyone has a story. Everyone is interesting and everyone could be interested in yourself too.
— Silvia


After your intensive first year of filmmaking, one of the following areas will pop out to you:

  • Storytelling. Writing, Directing, Performance - these are all various sides of the yarn-spinning coin. Craft your tales from the big-picture arcs and acts to the microscopic beats.
  • Visual Design. Cinematography, Production Design and Colour Timing - all synonyms for telling the story of the film with its visual elements. Sink your teeth into composition, lighting, colour, props, costume and makeup.
  • Sound and Music - sound is 50% of a film, but bad sound is 100% of it. Create skilful sound work that tells the story with its aural elements and fills out the world of the film.
  • Post-Production and Visual FX - where the film comes together. From the picture edit to the sound mix to visual effects and titling, be the maestro that delivers the final, polished work.
  • The Business. Producing, Marketing, Self-Promotion, Distribution, Festivals - this is the industry, not as it was, but as you will shape it. Leverage audiences, take advantage of new media, make your art sustainable.

You’ll notice we don’t focus on soon-to-be-outdated industry titles. The filmmakers of the future are multi-disciplinary, flexible and talented in many fields. Our second year helps you accumulate skills in a wide variety of roles while still keeping true to where your strengths and interests lie.

During this second year, you’ll zero in on your area of focus on both macro and micro scales. You’ll get a wide purview for how those disciplines play their part in the larger scheme, and you’ll break down, chop up, take apart, stretch out and zoom in on those disciplines to see what makes them tick. How do the greats do it? How will you do it even better?

I would definitely take film school again... you’re building this network. That network becomes an important part of your professional life.
— Malachi


No one is an island, and no filmmaker works alone. Your projects - larger this year, and more challenging - still cross all disciplines. You’ll work together not just with your filmmaking peers, but with music, screen acting and VFX creatives as well to bring your stories to life. You’re all in this together. 


After a year of publishing your work and understanding public feedback, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what’s landing and what isn’t. In the second year you’ll take this to a whole new level by hosting screenings, getting involved in festivals and events, and even teaching others what you've learned online. Give, and the public will reward you.


After these two years, you’ll find yourself a well-rounded filmmaker with loads of experience, both creative and professional, an understanding of your place in the wider media landscape, and a rich company of inspiring colleagues to take with you into the world. You could walk away feeling confident in your chosen field. 

But what if you want to put it all to the test? What about that idea that’s been rolling around in your head, that won’t let you rest? What about The Big One?

It doesn’t have to end here. We offer seamless progression onto the next year of the course.

 Take an additional year and earn a...


Film Production Bachelor (HONS) Degree

Conquer. Playtime’s over. Rally your network of fellow filmmakers, screen actors, and FX wizards to create the film that puts your stamp on the world. Leverage your audience to get a foothold in the industry, or blaze your own trail with confidence.




1-year Film Production Certificate

Spend one year learning by doing. And doing. And doing. This isn’t your grandpa’s film school; from day zero your boots hit the ground, the camera’s in your hands, and you’re writing, shooting, cutting, and discussing your work - then doing it all over again. About 20 times to be exact.