Film Production Bachelor (HONS) Degree - 3 years

Conquer. Spend the first year making 20 films, the second specialising in what excites you most and in the third year - playtime's over. Rally your network of fellow filmmakers, screen actors, and FX wizards to create the film that puts your stamp on the world. Leverage your audience to get a foothold in the industry, or blaze your own trail with confidence.


Our 3-year Film Production Bachelor Degree offers everything from the Certificate and the Diploma - plus an extra year to craft a final project that makes it all real.

Roll up your sleeves. You’re in control now. Shape your final project as you see fit. Is it a high-caliber commercial for a startup that needs your fresh take? Perhaps it’s a narrative, multi-media music video you’re making in collaboration with an artist at dBs Music Berlin? Maybe you’ll bring some tried-and-true peers back to your home country to make a short film close to the heart. Or do you have larger ambitions - maybe you’re ready to take a crack at a feature-length film?

Key Facts

Term time: September 17, 2018 - June 2021

Course fees: from €875/month

Deadline: Round 1 before April 30 2018

Whatever your ambitions, our tutors will push you to reach even further in deep one-on-one consultations. However outrageous your goals, we will support you with our facilities, equipment and network as much as we can - and give you a friendly nudge out the door as well, to make your own connections in the industry.

Dream it up, assemble your team, make it happen. The stakes are higher now. But you’re ready.


You may be in the final stretch, but you’ve still got to drill those skills. Train up in your chosen field to get ready for the Big One. Like a marathon runner, we’ll work you in short creative bursts - focusing on improving specific skills in the context of the larger whole. 

That could mean stretching out a scene in your film down to each frame. It could mean exhaustive auditions of every actor in town. Or perhaps it’s getting back to basics - regular 24-hour nanofilms to fill out your filmmaker’s sketchbook, honing your strengths while identifying where you still need work.

The eyes are the most important tools of the film maker.
— Simon


A film playing in an empty theatre is just light and sound. You need an audience, so spend this year rallying the public to your side. Make it a big deal. Invite the industry, wine and dine them. Don’t make a splash; crack the concrete. Bust the block. Don’t go out into the world - bring the world to you.


You’re not making films in a vacuum. You’re the leading edge of creativity - act like it by diving into your work with extensive research. Build and improve on what’s come before you. Study the greats, mimic them, so you can strike your own way. Understand what you’re aiming for, what the context is, so you can create something that will land and resonate with audiences.


1-year Film Production Certificate

Learn by doing. And doing. And doing. This isn’t your grandpa’s film school; from day zero your boots hit the ground, the camera’s in your hands, and you’re writing, shooting, cutting, and discussing your work - then doing it all over again. About 20 times...


2-year Film Production Diploma

Specialise. You’ve got nearly 20 films under your belt from the first year - now focus on your area of interest and dive deeper. Collaborate on bigger, more challenging projects. Build up your unique skillset from a granular level. Show the world what you’ve got.