30 Films in 35 Weeks!

Develop your creative vision and hone your craft through practice.

To give you a real head-start to your filmmaking career, we’ve designed our Filmmaking Diploma around the idea that learning is doing. This means you won’t find any ‘traditional’ classrooms in this dBs Film programme. Instead, participants will spend a year making films non-stop. No lectures, no homework, no tests: just filmmaking!

30 films in 35 weeks

Over the year you will produce thirty film projects! You’ll receive instruction and support for each of these through a 3-part combination of roundtable discussions, training workshops and consultations. Every project is designed to hone the basic tenets of storytelling while simultaneously encouraging you to follow what excites and interests you. Your films can take the form of fiction shorts, documentaries, commercials, music videos... whatever you like. Genre and format aren’t important; telling a story is.

Course length: 1 Year
Start date: Mid Sept 2018
Term time: Sept 2018 – July 2019

What I have come to learn here is that equipment doesn’t make a movie... they are all just tools to create what’s up in here. You have the image in your head and you use the camera to paint your picture.
— Michael

Facilities and Technology


We know that you may already have your own DSLR, camcorder, or other film-capable device, so we’ve stepped it up a few notches. The idea is to give you access to the kind of technology that you’re not likely to normally have lying around. This means access to broadcast-level camera bodies, fast lenses, and top-of-the-line lighting, audio and grip kits.

We want you to get your hands on and learn as much as possible about the capabilities and characteristics of different pieces of equipment and software, so that you can confidently assemble and operate the right kit to achieve your own artistic vision.

Focus on Story


Filmmaking is storytelling. But a great story is no good if it never gets told. We humans are natural storytellers, but often when we construct one from thin air, it rings hollow. In the diploma course you’ll train in the bedrock foundations of spinning a good yarn: dramatizing the truth, showing not telling, engaging the audience emotionally and pitching your story to others. These skills are important whether you’re making a hard-hitting documentary, a space western horror or a soap commercial.

Everyone has a story. Everyone is interesting and everyone could be interested in yourself too.

Production: from pre to post


Perform at your best by learning to schedule, budget, break down, rehearse and prepare for an efficient, productive and safe film shoot. You will also be immersed into the precision and power of post-production.  You will explore the language and techniques of the edit alongside the project-based editing tuition on each of the projects you create during the course.

Working harmoniously with tenants of visual design is audio. Sound is one of the biggest contributors to atmosphere and story. You will have opportunities to collaborate with our music students in addition to building your own skills in recording and mixing on-location as well as creative editing in the studio.

The creative practitioner


A huge part of a successful career in filmmaking today is being discoverable. We want our students to build their own profiles and create awareness for their own projects. You will receive tuition in audience building, critical feedback on your projects from industry people and you will host premiers for your films! You will also receive valuable, anecdotal advice from real-world tutors on how to go about job-seeking, surviving as a freelancer and what to do (and what not to do!) in order to begin and maintain a sustainable career as a filmmaker.

Be a part of dBs Berlin 

We do things differently at dBs Berlin. We don’t just teach the skills and processes of film production, we try to join it up with the human attributes that make people successful in life. This involves helping you to become a well-rounded person that can relate well to others, knows how to communicate on a personal and professional level and who can bring creativity and emotional sensitivity to everything you do. 

Our team
You'll learn with our team of international tutors, soaking up their extensive industry and academic experience. Our team will provide you with the care, support and stimulation to get the most out of your time with us. 

Our students
Collaborate, create and play with passionate, like-minded learners from around the world. Our international location and cohort brings a wealth of cultural and creative diversity to your experience.

Our spaces
Based in our purpose-built studios at Funkhaus you’ll be surrounded amazing locations and the latest in filmmaking, editing & viewing facilities!