We are a groundbreaking international creative campus with a wide range of courses available, specifically in film we offer studies in Film Production, Screen Acting, and Technological Arts & Visual Effects.

Our campus located at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin is a caring, relaxed and friendly environment where our tutors provide uncompromising support to students. It’s a safe space to dream big.

We believe that learning is all about doing… and doing… and doing again. Of course we learn the theory that backs up our practice. But the focus is on the doing.

Join our international creative community of students and industry experienced tutors who come from more than 55 countries! Together we create a nurturing hothouse enriched by diverse ideas, cultures, insights and backgrounds.



  • Live in Berlin

  • Collaborate with creatives from 55 countries

  • Pursue your passion

  • Learn by doing

  • Tutors who truly give a damn

  • Learn in English




  • At least 18+ years

  • Have completed basic schooling (A-levels, arbitur, high school, or equivalent)

  • Some experience in filmmaking or acting (or at least a big desire to learn)



Dive deep into film with a course that has no exams, no busywork and no endless lectures - just filmmaking. Build your own showreel whilst developing advanced skills in cinematography, editing, storytelling, directing, post production & sound in our degree. The contemporary and relevant approach to film theory will also make sure you don't miss a thing.

Choose to take a:
1-Year HE Certificate
2-Year HE Diploma
3-Year BA (HONS) Degree

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Screen Acting

The goal: get you on camera as much as humanly possible. Forget written tests and theory textbooks - get out there and do it. You will star in multiple film productions weekly and be working in tandem with the filmmakers. When you are not rehearsing or on the set, you will join workshops with professional tutors to train your body and voice.

Choose to take a:
1-Year HE Certificate
2-Year HE Diploma
3-Year BA (HONS) Degree

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Technological Arts & Visual FX

Learn by doing. And doing. And doing. From day one, pick up industry-standard tools and start making the impossible possible! Collaborate closely with our onsite filmmakers and clients and benefit from honest feedback. Give your creative brain a workout, hone your toolset, innovate your practice and walk away with a stunning showreel of original work.

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Our degrees are awarded and validated by the University of St Mark & St John

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