What you give...

We like to be upfront about our fees so you can be sure about the cost of your studies before you start. All our course fees are listed below and we have no hidden extras or administration charges.

We offer you two simple ways to pay; you can either make a single payment at the start of the year or make monthly subscription payments throughout the year. For both options there is a once a year, non-refundable enrolment fee that secures your place on the course and that is then deducted from your annual bill.  

and what you get…

We also like to be clear about what you’ll get. Yes, our courses are very reasonably priced, but it’s not just the cost of a course that you should be evaluating - it’s the overall value. To keep things simple we’ve just listed the basics below. If you want further information about how to compare our offer with our competitors please get in touch!

Diploma Degree
Weeks per year 36 30
Guest Lectures/Workshops 1/Mth 1/Mth
IT Lab hours 9/Wk 8/Wk
Studio Workshop hours 3/Wk 4/Wk
IT Bookable Time hours 4/Wk 8/Wk
Studio Bookable Time hours 2/Wk 4/Wk
Total Course Hours Per Week 18/Wk 24/Wk

Course hours per week

This is the minimum total number of hours that a student will spend on the course per week including studio & IT lab hours, lecture and workshop hours, studio booking time, IT workshop booking time, course work and individual support. This is excluding Guest Lectures.


Studio / IT Lab hours

Each week Diploma & Degree students will have a combination of standard lecture and workshop hours, these will be taught in either a studio or Film IT Lab. 


Guest Lectures

Our Guest Lecture series brings in guest speakers from all spectrums of the film industry to share their unique experiences and personal insight into the professional (and creative!) world of film production and offer you different ways of looking at your future careers.


Bookable Time

During your time at dBs Film you will also have access to our studios / production lab and IT facilities outside of your normal teaching hours to work on class projects or your own personal projects per week!