What you give...

We like to be upfront about our fees so you can be sure about the cost of your studies before you start. All our course fees are listed below and we have no hidden extras or administration charges. The tuition cost doesn’t, however, include additional things like specific books or gear you need to complete the projects you design.

One message which we would like you to understand is that when you take the total cost of doing a qualification into account, studying with dBs Berlin is one of the best value, highest-quality options available. Of course we would say that, so don’t just rely on our opinion. For more independent and objective information read this blog item: https://www.dbsmusic.net/blog/berlin-budget-paradise/

We offer you two simple ways to pay; you can either make a single payment at the start of the year or make instalment payments throughout the year. For both options there is a once a year, non-refundable enrolment fee that secures your place on the course. 


We are trying to help our admissions team have a smoother workload throughout the year. This allows us to respond more quickly to your questions and provide you with the support you need to make your decision. As a student it also makes your life easier knowing what you are committing to and enables you to properly prepare for this next big step in your life.

To say thank you to those who are prepared to commit, we are offering an early bird discount of €250 on the course fee. You can access this discount by applying in Round 1 (before Jan 31, 2019), opting for the single payment choice and paying your enrolment fee within 4 weeks. View a break down of this in the chart below, or reach out to our admissions team if you have any questions.

1-YR, 2-YR, 3-YR course
2019/20 Single Payment

  • 1 payment per year
  • €750 enrolment fee
  • €9,000 annual cost

1-YR, 2-YR, 3-YR Course:
2019/20 Instalment Payment

  • 10 payments per year
  • €750 enrolment fee
  • €10,000 annual cost

Early Bird discount
(apply and pay enrolment within 4 weeks)

  • 1 payment per year
  • €750 enrolment fee
  • €8,750 annual cost

6-WK Summer School
2019 price

  • 1 payment per year
  • €750 enrolment fee
  • €2,000 annual cost


The single payment is the simplest method of paying. One payment, once a year due before you start studying. This also works out slightly less than the finance option.


Our instalment payments are designed as an easier way to pay for the course. Instead of paying the full fee upfront, we split the cost of the course over 10 payments


The enrolment fee is due 2 weeks after you receive the offer letter. The first instalment payment and the single payment are due by 15th August. The instalment payments are then paid on the same day of the month that you signed up on.


After you have submitted your application, admissions has confirmed your qualifications, you've had a chat with a tutor on your course and everything's gone well - we will send you an offer letter. This will ask for a €750 enrolment fee to confirm your place on the course. The fee is due at the start of each year of study.

What you get...

We also like to be clear about what you’ll get. Yes, our courses are very reasonably priced, but it’s not just the cost of a course that you should be evaluating - it’s the overall value. To keep things simple we’ve just listed the basics below. If you want further information about how to compare our offer with our competitors please get in touch!

Notice about online content
We are constantly enhancing and updating our course content and teaching delivery in order to provide you with the best learning experience. This may result in changes to teaching, teaching hours, assessment practice, external accreditation process, staffing or resource and facilities. Rest assured we will always take into account the reasonable expectations of our student community.

Around 12

As a general rule you will have 12 hours of lessons delivered weekly. This is paired with 12 hours of supported time on campus and 12 hours self directed at home.

This means around a 36 hour commitment a week - so a full time course. Our timetable is subject to change week by week or semester by semester, so we can't guarantee the possibility of regular shifts.



Many of our students hold down jobs at the same time as their study, but our courses are project-intensive, so it's not easy.

Normally Mon - Fri

Classes will occur Monday - Friday on average about 3 days out of the week. If a class needs to be rescheduled it will be moved to a Saturday. Your particular weekly arrangement depends on which group your are placed into for your course.

How long the classes run depends on the type of class: studio based workshops =up to 4 hours while discussion based workshops = 1 or 2 hours.


Depends on your course

You will get some taught time in the studios. You will also get bookable time to complete your assignments or other projects. At the moment the allocation runs: 3 hours per week for those in the 1st year of their course, 4 hours per week for those in the 2nd year, and 5 hours per week for those in the 3rd year.